Athlete of the Week: Abby Luensmann


Nathan Davis

Luensmann setting one of her many sets Tuesday against Juniata Valley.

Tuesday junior Abby Luensmann was setting the ball perfectly for her teammates.

Luensmann had a total of 28 assists, 17 digs, and 3 blocks.

The girls won over Juniata Valley in 4 sets.

Tonight the varsity team will take on West Branch at 7, and the JV around 6.

Luensmann for her efforts has been chosen as the Blueprints athlete of the week.

Blueprint: How did you get involved with volleyball?

Abby: I joined a small Altoona league in 6 grade.

Blueprint: How long have you been playing volleyball?

Abby: I’ve been playing for 6 years.

Blueprint: What position do you play?

Abby: Setter.

Blueprint: What advice would you give to younger girls who want to play volleyball?

Abby: Nobody starts out as a great player. Put in the work and stick to it, and eventually you’ll develop the skills.

Blueprint: Do you plan on playing volleyball in college?

Abby: 100 percent yes!