Feature Teacher: Ms. Clippard


Makala Doyle

11th and 12th grade teacher Ms Clippard

This month’s feature teacher is high school chemistry teacher Ms. Clippard. This is Ms. Clippard’s second year teaching at Bellwood-Antis, and she seems to be fitting in very well in the Bellwood community. Ms. Clippard teaches eleventh grade chemistry and twelfth grade CHS chemistry.

Before coming to the Bellwood-Antis School District, Ms. Clippard worked in a school in Columbus, Ohio. She has a Master’s degree and attended Penn State University and The Ohio State University.

We sat down with Ms. Clippard and asked her a few questions.

BluePrint: After last year, are there any things you are changing when it comes to teaching your classes?

Ms. Clippard: “I have found that I can spend time grading more thoroughly. I do not have to spend as much time this year coming up with labs, so I can take much more time to read through everything.”

BluePrint: Is teaching at Bellwood any different than your last job?

Ms. Clippard: “Yes, it is pretty different. I student taught in the city, and you can tell the difference between those students and the ones here at Bellwood. I also taught eighth-graders. It’s different here because all the students have jobs and other things going on.”

What are you hoping to do differently this school year?

“I want to spend more time on the details. I can look what I did last year and see what I can do differently this year.”

BluePrint: Do you feel more comfortable starting this school year than last?

Ms. Clippard: “Yes. I am more prepared and I have better knowledge on what to expect. I also love my co-workers. I wake up every morning excited to come to work. That isn’t something that everyone else can say.”

BluePrint: Why did you want to be a teacher? Was Chemistry always your first choice?

Ms. Clippard: “Well, I wanted to originally be an English teacher, but then I realized how good I was at Chemistry. I had some great teachers when I was in school, and thought that teaching would be something meaningful. I believe that people are important, and I like helping them.”

BluePrint: What is something interesting about you?

Ms. Clippard: “I went to China for about six weeks and taught English. It was a great experience.”