Sensational Sophomore: Chris Wertman


Adam Bowers

Chris Wertman is a leader on the Blue Devil line.

Chris Wertman is a very talented 10th grade student that everyone gets along with. Because of Chris’s hard work on and off the field, and the fact that he is a great guy to everyone, Chris is this month’s Sensational Sophomore.

As a ninth grader Chris started on the varsity football team. Now, he gives the line experience as a sophomore which is something that is extremely rare. Because of this experience, the team looks to him to step up and lead the team, and he is doing just that. In his freshman year Chris had 9 tackles all year. This year he has 14 and the season isn’t over yet.

Chris’s talents do not stop at football though, he is also known for his big bat in baseball. On top of that, Chris is enrolled in the honors curriculum at Bellwood-Antis High School and his grades excel.

The BluePrint asked Chris some qestions:

BluePrint: What is your favorite class of sophomore year so far?

Chris: My favorite class so far would be Algebra 2.

BluePrint: What do you like best football or baseball? Why?

Chris: I like football the best because I like to hit.

BluePrint: What is your favorite thing to doing your free time?

Chris: I play football with my friends.

BluePrint: What is your favorite thing about Bellwood-Antis?

Chris: The great community and the excellent teachers.

BluePrint: Who do you model your game after on the football field? Baseball field?

Chris: Football- J.J. Watt Baseball- Prince Fielder.

BluePrint: How have you changed since freshman year?

Chris: I got even cuter.

BluePrint: Who do you look up to the most?

Chris: My father

BluePrint: What is the best movie ever made?

Chris: Friday Night Lights

BluePrint: What is the best song ever recorded?

Chris: Good For You – Selena Gomez