3 Keys: Jarrett Taneyhill


Tierra Mahute

Junior QB Taneyhill leads the team with the 3 keys this Friday.

Junior Quarterback Jarrett Taneyhill has been consistently nailing passes the past few weeks.  He’s hitting more than 60percent of his passes and is nearing 1,000 yards on the season.

Last week the Blue Devils had a 21-7 victory over the Rockets.

Tonight is the last home game and also Senior Night!

The Devils take on Northern Bedford at 7 and a win would allow the Devils to wrap up the ICC Gold Division.

Taneyhill is giving some insight on the 3 keys for victory over Northern Bedford


Stop Their Passing Attack:

Since Northern Bedford passes around 58 percent of the time it will be important to stop their passes to limit big plays.

Establish the Run:

If we can consistently run the ball well, it will open up passes and our offense will have flexibility.

Play Hard For All Quarters:

It is important for us to play hard for all 4 quarters in order to keep the momentum in our favor.