Have Schools Gone Too Far?

Old-school fun is being barred at more and more schools across the country


Tierra Mahute

Dodge ball used to be a mainstay of gym classes, but many schools have banned the sport because it creates human targets and could be construed as dangerous.

Caroline Showalter, Staff Writer

Dodgeball, one of America’s favorite gym class past times, has been banned in schools across the nation. Bellwood-Antis has banned dodgeball, making students not so happy.

When it comes to banning dodgeball, PE teacher Mr. Brent Hughes says, “Sometimes it can be an overreaction.  Parents don’t realize the safety precautions we take in class.  On the other hand there is a greater chance of injury during dodgeball than anything else we do in class.”

Now schools have begun to ban other things such as tag.  That’s right, tag has been banned from schools to protect the “emotional safety” of the children.

It’s all part of a growing trend in public schools to get rid of activities some consider risky for a variety of reasons.

According to Myers Principal Mrs. Terri Harpster, school is different than it was when she went to school, and now parents and adults are more in tune with students’ emotions.

“We are so much more conscientious about student safety, health, and emotional well-being, which is a good thing for students and families,” she said.

The question is, have schools gone too far with the banning?

According to The Daily Caller and the article, “School District Bans Tag to Protect Students’ Feelings,” parents are not happy with the banning of this recess activity.  Mothers are saying their kids are just walking around and talking during play time, and that’s not what they want.

According to the article, “School Bans: 20 Weird Things That Have Been Banned at Schools,” written by the Huffington Post, schools have banned other things such as holding hands and hugging.  Sorry bf’s and gf’s no more PDA with your love.

In Tennessee schools have banned holding hands  because it is considered a ‘gateway to sexual activity.’  Another school has banned hugging because they want to respect personal space and “unsuitable interactions” between students.

Mrs. Terri Harpster said they would not go quite that far at Myers Elementary, where she is the principal.

“While we do not encourage students to be hugging each other, we do not ban hugs.  Our students and staff hug appropriately, any time a child requests or hugs a staff member,” she said.

If you think banning hugging and holding hands is rough, one school has banned red ink.  That’s right, red ink. Granted these are foregin school, but the idea is the same. Red ink, according to Australian and U.K. schools,  has confrontational nature.

We are so much more conscientious about student safety, health, and emotional well-being, which is a good thing for students and families.”

— Mrs. Terri Harpster

Another extreme item to be banned is milk.  That delicious cold drink you have almost every day at lunch has been banned by one U.S. school due to it being high in sugar, high in fat and high in animal protein that is more harmful then helpful to bone health.

Girls wear UGG boots, skinny jeans, black makeup, and yoga pants.  The banning of yoga pants is something Bellwood-Antis can relate to but you can still wear them if you follow the C.Y.B. (Cover Your Butt) rule.  Skinny jeans though is not something we can relate to.  They have been banned because of their lack of modesty and distraction factor for the opposite sex.  A distraction of the opposite sex is a major factor in the dress code.

The banning of UGG boots hit home with the fact that a school in Pennsylvania has banned UGG’s because students have the opportunity to hide contraband items, including cell phones in these shoes.  Another school banned black makeup after a 13-year old boy was sent home from school because he was wearing black lipstick, eye makeup and nail polish and the school claimed it a had a rule against extreme or distracting makeup.

Winning is a part of the life of Americans.  This is a very interesting thing to ban in school, but it is in some places because of the fact that it apparently emotionally injures students.

It’s done most commonly by banning competitive games in schools and at recess.

Christmas is that favorite holiday of students and one school decided to ban it!  No more decorations or the celebration of that holly jolly fellow, Santa Claus.

Schools have gone to banning the extremes and it would be an extreme disaster to see similar measures adopted at Bellwood-Antis High School.