Athlete of the Week: Riley D’Angelo


Sydney Patterson

Riley D’Angelo scored 20 goals in her freshman season.

Riley D’Angelo had a total of 20 goals for her first season on the varsity team.

D’Angelo wrapped up her freshman season with a 3-2 loss to Bellefonte in the District 6-AA playoffs.

For her efforts she is the BluePrint’s athlete of the week.


BluePrint: How long have you been playing soccer?

D’Angelo: Pretty much since I could walk. I started organized soccer when I was 5.


BluePrint: How did you get involved with soccer?

D’Angelo: My dad and brother played so I was around it all the time.


BluePrint: How do you feel your first season of varsity soccer went?

D’Angelo: I am very happy with how it went. The last game was a heart-breaker, but overall it was a great season.

What position do you play?

D’Angelo: Center Attaking Midfield.

How does the soccer team plan to fill in for the seniors next season?

D’Angelo: We are going to miss the seniors a ton. They did so much for us, so other are going to have to step up and pick up where they left off.

Blueprint:What advice do you have for younger kids that want to join soccer?

D’Angelo: Work hard at every practice, it will pay off if you stick to it. Have fun and just love the sport.

BluePrint: What other sports do you play?

D’Angelo: Basketball and I plan on doing track.

BluePrint: What is your favorite sport and why?

D’Angelo: Its between basketball and soccer. I like them both for different reasons so I really don’t have a favorite.