Fab Freshman: Shawn Wolfe


Freshman Shawn Wolfe might seem like a quiet, calm person, but once you get to know him, he perks up. He’s really fast and you almost never see him. There is no outrunning Shawn Wolfe. He plays football, basketball, and he is involved in track.

On offense, Shawn is the quarterback, and on defense Shawn plays safety and cornerback.

In his free time, Shawn likes to watch college football, he also likes to go hunting with his dad, and goes fishing with his best friend Sophomore Jack Showalter.

Shawn’s favorite subject is Industrial arts and his favorite food is spaghetti.

We asked him what his favorite song is but he doesn’t have one.

“I like industrial arts because it is more hands on, you get to make cool things, and it is fun” Shawn told us

Shawn’s favorite NFL football team is the Steelers, his favorite college football team is Penn State.