Because You Had A Bad Day…

It’s a toe stubbing, clumsily bumping, no good, very bad (hair) day.


Everyone has a bad day every now and then, even junior Josh Swope.

You wake up to such a glorious morning. The sun is shining and you do not have work or school, the day is yours to seize. You go into the kitchen to make breakfast and as you are walking toward the kitchen you step into a puddle with your socks on, you just started your bad day. From that moment on your positive attitude goes from 100 to 0 real quick.

While the impression many people receive from have a bad day day is mostly to have a bad day, it was originally intended to wish people to have a bad day, primarily sales people who are sick of having to say “have a nice day.”

Junior Joe Padula stated, “Without bad days we would never appreciate good days.”

However, a few people think Have a Bad Day Day was intended to recognize that everybody has a bad day though that is not the case. Have a Bad Day Day is also for people who tired of hearing people wishing them to “have a nice day,” and is a weird yet somehow pleasing way to praise human nature and life.

Simple ways to celebrate this kooky holiday are with a lot of humor and food because what is a celebration without food? Other ways to celebrate include anything that will please, interest, irritate and somehow, in a bizarre series of events, win over the people.

Urban Dictionary defines a bad day as, the day you wake up hit your head on numerous objects, trip on several steps, and coincidentally spill mustard on your white (insert type of clothing here). Usually formulates around Mondays.

Have a Bad Day Day was created and copyrighted by the people of

Have Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Sincerely, the BA BluePrint.