We need our “lady”

Mya Decker, Student Contributor

Ninth grade English students at Bellwood-Antis were recently asked to read to read an article about college sports teams that are beginning to drop the name “Lady” from their women’s sports teams. After reading the article, students were asked if political correctness was making us too sensitive.

We live in a world where everybody feels the need to make everyone happy.  The difference between political correctness and respect is slim anymore.  We need to answer the question.

We need our “lady.” It’s what represents that we are doing the same things guys are doing.”

For instance, African Americans have collected many names over the years.  But who’s to say which name or term is politically correct or respectful.  The same thing goes for people with mental disabilities.  Should we call them handicapped or disabled? Or a person with a disability.  Which is correct?  It depends on how you were raised and what you were taught.  Or does it have to do with the society’s view?

No matter what we call people there will always be someone who is hurt or unhappy.  So yes, we are very hyper-sensitive.

And as for the article on removing “Lady” from women’s sports teams, it bothers me that men feel need to speak for us.  It’s not okay that woman in society are not considered to be as strong willed as men. We are! So we need our “lady.” It’s what represents that we are doing the same things guys are doing.  We are equal! “Lady” in front of the team name gives women improvement.  “Lady” represents use as a whole – proud, empowered, independent, and powerful.  We are just as important as men and the “Lady” in front of the team we represent, represents women and it is needed.