Athlete of the Week: Hunter Curren


Elizabeth Whaley

Hunter Curren in action.

Hunter Curren is a varsity wrestler at Bellwood-Antis.  He wrestles at 135 lb.  Recently, he got his first win at the varsity level and because of this he is the BluePrint’s Athlete of the Week.

BluePrint: How did you get involved with wrestling?

Hunter: My friend Kaylob Tatsch told me to do it.  I’ve always been opportunistic and I’ll try anything once.

BluePrint: What’s your favorite thing about the sport?

Hunter : The competition.  Its all one on one and its not a team effort so all of your success is all you.

BluePrint: How do you plan to improve from last season as an individual and as a team?

Hunter: Individually I plan to lift and get stronger.  As a team I want to inspire the freshman interested in wrestling to move up and get the experience of varsity wrestling.

BluePrint: How do predict your season will go?

Hunter: Hopefully a lot better than last season.  I just want to win.  I didn’t even win last season so I’ve already achieved my goal.

BluePrint: Are you interested in wrestling the rest of high school? College?

Hunter: I plan on wrestling until I graduate high school and then enlisting in the military.

BluePrint: What aspect did you on most of the offseason?

Hunter: Speed. You have to be quick to be successful as a lower weight class in wrestling too.  I worked a lot on speed.

BluePrint: Do you have to cut weight? How hard is that?

Hunter: Yes. It is extremely hard especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas because I have to diet to make weight.

BluePrint: Do you think you can make a run at a championship this season?

Hunter: Not this season seeing that it is only my second year wrestling but I feel like if I keep working at this rate by my senior year.