Hour of Code a huge success

Students experience computer programming first-hand


Jamie Forshey

Students experimenting with the Minecraft puzzle on Code.org.

Last week, December 7-13, the worldwide event known as the Hour of Code was held to introduce students to the basics of computer programming. Code.org and Computer Education Science Week, the organizers of this activity, believe that every student should have the chance to learn computer science so they can improve problem solving skills, logic and creativity.

Ms. Forshey, technology coach, met with about 450 students in grades 3-12 to let them do all kinds of coding activities. Students think they are playing games and solving puzzles, but really they are coding. Coding is used to create software, apps, websites and and other programs for computers.  

It is figured that in the next few years there will be not enough programmers to meet the demands in our society. So Ms. Forshey spent the week trying to expose students to coding in order to help them consider possible careers in technology fields, or maybe they will just want to develop their own games as a hobby. Either way, Ms. Forshey hopes a B-A student will publish an app someday. Or even better yet, become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.