International Skeptics Day


Ethan McGee

Paige WIlt and Makayla Carles were skeptical of the evidence during a class debate.

Typically celebrated on the 13th of January, International Skeptics Day is also observed on October 13th as well as the first Friday the 13th of the year (which is in May of 2016).

Although there is no found documentation of International Skeptics Day being celebrated anywhere beside the US, there are skeptics organizations all over the world.

Even though it is not known who first created International Skeptics Day, one can assume that it was created by a skeptic due to their doubt about the original date of celebration.

By definition, a skeptic is a person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions. A skeptic does not accept the “given.” If you are a person of doubt and disbelief than International Skeptics Day is the perfect day for you.

Skepticism tends to hit close to home with teens, especially due to their lack in confidence and can seriously affect their self-esteem later on in life. Atelophobia is the fear of never being good enough, which can also be a form of anxiety, and tends to be a common fear in most teens.

It is okay for kids to question things because it shows intelligence.”

Assistant Principal Mrs. Cathy Adams commented on teen’s skepticism deriving from low confidence and self-esteem. She stated, “I think it is okay for kids to question things sometimes because it shows intelligence and there is no plan laid out for anyone. You can set out for one direction and find out later in life that you want to go in a completely different direction.

“I do think, also, that student put themselves down enough and need to see that we adults believe in them and that they can do anything they put their minds to while still being realistic. But skepticism shouldn’t always be negative.”

So while the majority of the people celebrate International Skeptics Day by being skeptic, we, the BluePrint, challenge you to find your confidence and question a few things but accept that no one is perfect and that you can do anything you put your heart and soul into.