Kerry Naylor

Tenth graders shared their opinions on the growing gender-neutral bathroom movement.

Gender-neutral bathrooms: yes or no?

Last week, tenth grade honors students were given an article to read titled “We Don’t Need Separate Bathrooms for Men and Women,” which was written by Emily Peck, which advocated for gender-neutral bathrooms and provided some practical design solutions for making such a proposal a reality.

After read the story tenth graders were asked to provide their opinion, taking a side on the issue and providing evidence – either from the article of other sources – to make a strong case.

What follows are six of the top entries for this assignment.

Mixed gender bathrooms do more harm than good
Gender-neutral bathrooms are good for everyone
Transgender community is too small for such a big change
If we can’t change hearts, change policy
If bathrooms aren’t broken, don’t fix them

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