The Power of Three: Musicians People Love to Hate


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There are some artists it just makes more sense to dislike than like.

Eli Vaglica, Staff Writer

There will always be musicians that people will love to hate and that you’ll hate yourself for loving. Hey, its OK. We all make mistakes, and no one’s perfect. We can’t all listen to Kanye West sadly, as much as he is a god at making music, and perfect as the greatest musician to ever live. And there’s always going to be those people who listen to country and wear camouflage everywhere other than hunting or nerds who listen to dubstep/techno like its music to have a party with, even though it’s the reason they never get invited to any.

Maybe one day we’ll all realize what good music is, but for right now let’s reflect on the words of a great Bellwood graduate from his time in the student section: “BG LIKES NICKELBACK!”

Too Bad – Nickelback


It’s too bad you like this song because the song itself is just so bad. Nickelback is considered Alternative Rock, but there are those who’d call them country. People are always hating on Nickelback. I can remember when people used to like hearing them on the radio, but then these people realized their ears would fare so much better to not hear that full blast in a car. This band, as we all know, gets a lot of hate because of the vocals. I mean can you really blame people? Just listen to it and you’ll understand where they’re coming from. Now, before you get triggered, not everyone hates Nickelback. Depending on who you talk to you might find someone who actually likes this group.

Stronger – Kanye West

Kanye West/YouTube

I seriously don’t understand how people can idolize someone who’s so full of himself that he can only see the positive aspects of his actions. That’s literally a sign of being a psychopath: only considering what good can come out of what you do. I don’t listen to Kanye, but a lot of people in the BluePrint do. He’s been the topic of several discussions. The only things I can think to call him are media fiend and sellout. He’s obsessed with himself and wants everyone to express their feelings of admiration towards his convoluted narcissism. Not to be a hipster about it, but if today’s generation only listens to this kind of music consider me Cato the Younger to your Caesar.

You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift/YouTube

Remember when everyone was OK with listening to Taylor Swift’s “country” songs about love, and then she went pop and continued to make songs about love and ended up being at the crevice of every meme on the internet for about as long as her relationships …  a week. She was so popular and now she’s kind of hated on for her music. I kind of feel bad putting her on this list with Kanye. He’d be so outraged to see this that he might not let her stay on the list even under him. Do people hate on T-Swift because she went pop or because, most obviously, she continually sings about relationships. I’d agree to say it’s even from the clothes she wears that people hate on her or the fact that her songs get really overplayed on the radio.