The Pit Crew

Blue Devil throwers double-up to move home events along smoothly


Makala Doyle

Freshmen Jordan Moore and Dominic Tornatore are two members of the Blue Devil Pit Crew.

Nathan Davis, Staff Writer

Bellwood-Antis track and field is known for its quality athletes that have awed people over the years with their speed and strength.

However, every single athlete that has come through the program has played an integral role in the team’s success; and this year is no exception.

These committed tracksters make sure that the pit is nice and smooth before each throw.”

Numerous underclassmen have taken on the role of raking the shot put pit this season, and have given themselves the name of “The Pit Crew.”

Armed with nothing but a few rakes and their muscles, these committed tracksters make sure that the pit is nice and smooth before each throw.

Field coach, Mr. Charlie Burch, thinks that having a good pit crew is vital to running a smooth meet.

“We assign a different group of underclassmen for each meet to take care of the pit,” he explained.  “We have a raker, someone who collects the shot, and someone measures the throw.”

Freshman Jordan Moore thinks that being part of the pit crew helps him get hands on experience.

“My future career will most likely consist of practical, hands on work,” he said.  “It’s also nice because the meet runs much smoother with us all chipping in.”


Junior thrower, Jacob Hoover, added that he enjoys making sure the pit is in top shape.

“Raking is my favorite part because I want the pit to be in the best shape it can be for us, but also for the other teams.”