Challenge 24 competition team exhibits excellence


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B-A middle school students recently competed in a 24 game competition. Pictured are: (l to r) Jack Luensmann, Caedon Poe, Mrs. Kathy Taylor, Cassidy Troutman, and Sam Gormont.

Nathan Davis, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, May 18, Mrs. Cathy Taylor and a group of students traveled to Greater Johnstown Vo-tech school for 24 competition.

Jack Luensmann, Caedon Poe, Cassidy Troutman, and Sam Gormont all competed here. Cassidy and Sam advanced to the semi-final round while Jack qualified for the State Competition in Hershey in June.

24 is a math challenge that puts students' critical thinking skills to the test.
Nathan Davis
24 is a math challenge that puts students’ critical thinking skills to the test.

A commonly known math game, 24 draws attention with competitions held around the country.

The 24 game is an arithmetical card game in which the objective is to find a way to manipulate four integers so that the end result is 24.  You can add, subtract, multiply, or divide the numbers, so long as you end up with 24.

Every person has different strategies on how they go about analyzing the cards.

“There was some pretty good competition,” she explained.  “And overall the event was more competitive with the possibility of qualifying for the state competition in Hershey, PA this year.”

This is a program that Mrs. Taylor hopes can continue in the future.

“It is a great activity to encourage critical thinking and problem solving,” said Mrs. Taylor.