Meet the Girls: Kaylee Kasper

Name: Kaylee Kasper

Age: 18

Parents: Lisa and Kenny Vandervander

Siblings: Younger sister Natalee Progal


Interests outside of school: Video games, singing, acting, watching YouTube

Favorite song: Feel Invincible by Skillet

What does being a part of Bellwood-Antis High School mean to you?

Being a part of Bellwood-Antis High School means to me is important because I want to accomplish something here and I will do the best I can to do it.

How does it feel to be part of the Homecoming Court?

I feel surprised and yet happy because I am friendly to everyone and I feel like I am fun to them.

What sets you apart from the other members on the court?

What sets me apart from the group is I find ways to have fun and be creative about it.

What would it mean to be crowned queen?

What it means to be crowned is you did something great to the school and that you achieve something amazing in life and you show everyone with respect and people like you when you do something good for the public.


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