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Johnny Football may have found a cure for the concussion.

Manziel invents new concussion protocol

Everyone knows Johnny Manziel. The kid who led Texas A&M to multiple winning seasons, lit up the highlight reel, and won a Heisman Trophy, all before getting drafted by the Cleveland Browns. He may have even created a new concussion protocol.

The Wednesday before the Browns’ last game Manziel went up to Head Coach Mike Pettine describing “concussion like symptoms,” which really meant “the Browns stink, and I don’t want to play for them.” Either way, he was very doubtful for the weekend’s game.

What it really meant was, the Browns stink, and I don’t want to play for them.

Johnny, thinking of ways to get back in the games fast, came up with a giant (almost as big as Peyton Manning’s forehead) idea. Alcohol would improve his symptoms. So that’s exactly what Johnny did. The day before the big home game against the rival Steelers, Manziel was spotted drinking at a Las Vegas casino posed as a man named Billy.

After numerous reports swirled of Johnny being there, Manziel tried to play it off by posting a picture on Instagram of him and his dog tagged with the location Avon, Ohio.

Miraculously, Johnny, or Billy, was able to make it back to the Brown’s facility in the early morning on Sunday. Johnny Football was not able to play, but his actions may have proved to be the next step in furthering the aid of concussions fast.

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