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Ms. Forshey and Aubree Reiter have received national recognition for their blogs.

Forshey and Reiter win awards for outstanding blogs

January 25, 2016

Bellwood-Antis teacher Jamie Forshey and freshman Aubree Reiter have won Edublog awards for their outstanding blogs.

Ms. Forshey won in three categories: Best Individual Blog, Best Teacher Blog, and Best Ed/Tech Resource Blog.

Aubree won for Best Student Blog.

According to the Edubog award site, “The purpose of the Edublog awards is promote and demonstrate the educational values of these social media.”

The group has been awarding bloggers since 2004. This is the third consecutive year Ms. Forshey has received at least one of their awards.

Ms. Forshey wins Edublog awards


Phoebe Potter

Ms. Forshey has spent much of her time at B-A experimenting with technology and bringing technology to the students.

Middle school teacher Ms. Jamie Forshey was honored recently when she swept three categories in the 2015 Edublog Awards.

Her blog was able to win “Best Edtech / Resource Sharing Blog”, “Best Individual Blog”, and “Best Teacher Blog”.

This success is nothing new for Ms. Forshey though. In 2012 she won “Best New Blog” and she hasn’t looked back since. She won two more awards in 2013, including “Lifetime Achievement” and “Best Teacher Blog”. In 2014 she once again won “Best Teacher Blog”. With her most recent “Best Teacher Blog.”she has won this category for three consecutive years.

It’s motivating to know that the info I share is actually read by other educators and then utilized in classrooms.

— Ms. Forshey

Ms. Forshey explained how she continues her success.

“I believe the success comes from continually updating my blog with relevant and useful edtech tools and resources for teachers,” she said. “It’s motivating to know that the info I share is actually read by other educators and then utilized in classrooms to engage students in learning.”

Her blog is viewed daily by not only people from the United States, but by people around the world. In just the past 12 hours, people from 11 different countries have visited Ms. Forshey’s blog. These countries include the United States of America, The United Kingdom, Greece, Auckland, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Israel, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Poland.

“It’s really neat to know that educators from all over the world access the info I post on my blog. I love to check out the Clustermap that is embedded on my site to see where the latest visitors are coming from,” said Ms. Forshey.

Congratulations to Ms. Forshey on this amazing accomplishment!

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Reiter express herself through blog


Phoebee Potter.

Freshman Aubree Reiter spends hours updating her blog each week.

Freshman Aubree Reiter recently won an Edublog award in the student category for the Best Student Blog.

The Edublog Awards are an annual, community based program which recognizes and celebrates excellent practice in the use of weblogs and social media in education.  Entries are welcome from any country and in any language.

Aubree’s blog, Simply Aubree: Ramblings of a Country Girl, is quite the blog at that, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be stopping her writing anytime soon.

Aubree says that she enjoys writing, and that middle school teacher Ms. Jamie Forshey was a driving force in her blog-making.

“After I saw how successful she was with her blog, I decided I should go ahead and give it a shot,” she told me.

Aubree believes that one of the neat things about her blog-making is the range of things she can cover.

“Winning this award means the world to me. Winning with Ms. Forshey by my side is the cherry on top!

“I write about anything I want to,” she said.  “It’s basically cool things that are going on in my life, recipes, and even essays I write in school.”

Simply Aubree: has now gained some attention, and Aubree couldn’t be happier.

“Winning this award means the world to me,” Aubree explained.  “It shows me that people like and are interested in my writing.”

“Winning with Ms. Forshey by my side is the cherry on top!”

“It’s a super cool bonus to win the Edublogs award along with a student who enjoys blogging as much as I do, especially because I encouraged her a few summers ago to create a blog to showcase her writing and technology talents,” said  Ms. Forshey. “Aubree’s hard work has definitely paid off!”

When asked if she plans on continuing to blog throughout high school, Aubree made it known that school comes first, then blogging.

“I definitely plan on continuing to write,” she told me.  “School is my number one priority, however; and even though I can’t post as much as I’d like to, I will keep on doing it as much as I can.”

Congratulations to Aubree and best of luck on continued success!

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