Ms. Forshey wins Edublog awards

Middle school teacher has won awards three straight years


Phoebe Potter

Ms. Forshey has spent much of her time at B-A experimenting with technology and bringing technology to the students.

Jarrett Taneyhill, News Editor

Middle school teacher Ms. Jamie Forshey was honored recently when she swept three categories in the 2015 Edublog Awards.

Her blog was able to win “Best Edtech / Resource Sharing Blog”, “Best Individual Blog”, and “Best Teacher Blog”.

This success is nothing new for Ms. Forshey though. In 2012 she won “Best New Blog” and she hasn’t looked back since. She won two more awards in 2013, including “Lifetime Achievement” and “Best Teacher Blog”. In 2014 she once again won “Best Teacher Blog”. With her most recent “Best Teacher Blog.”she has won this category for three consecutive years.

It’s motivating to know that the info I share is actually read by other educators and then utilized in classrooms.

— Ms. Forshey

Ms. Forshey explained how she continues her success.

“I believe the success comes from continually updating my blog with relevant and useful edtech tools and resources for teachers,” she said. “It’s motivating to know that the info I share is actually read by other educators and then utilized in classrooms to engage students in learning.”

Her blog is viewed daily by not only people from the United States, but by people around the world. In just the past 12 hours, people from 11 different countries have visited Ms. Forshey’s blog. These countries include the United States of America, The United Kingdom, Greece, Auckland, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Israel, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Poland.

“It’s really neat to know that educators from all over the world access the info I post on my blog. I love to check out the Clustermap that is embedded on my site to see where the latest visitors are coming from,” said Ms. Forshey.

Congratulations to Ms. Forshey on this amazing accomplishment!