BAMS Student of the Week


Chance Shreier, Jacob Batts, Ethan Carper and Dominic Daughenbaugh were last weeks BAMS Students of the Week.

Beau Potter, Staff Writer

Once a week the B-A middle school teachers vote on a student of the week for fifth through eighth grade. The middle school has been doing student of the week since 2003, said Middle School Principal Mr. Don Wagner.

The reason for doing student of the week is “to recognize outstanding effort by students not just academically but socially also,” said Mr. Wagner.

Middle school teacher Mrs. Davis said the traits of student of the week are, “A positive attitude, good work ethic, and helpfulness to others. These are just some of the examples we may use in the selection of student of the week.”

This past week the students selected were Chance Schreier for fifth grade, Dominic Daughenbaugh for sixth grade, Jacob Batts for seventh grade, and Ethan Carper for eighth grade.

“Jacob Batts is pleasant, courteous, well-mannered and has a positive attitude,” said Mrs. Nycum. “Chance has read eight  books for the Reading Competition Team,” said Mrs. Taylor.