BOOKLIGHT: The Undoing of Saint Silvanus


Kaelynn Behrens

The Undoing of Saint Silvanus is a thriller with twists and turns.

If you enjoy reading chilling murder mysteries, then you would definitely enjoy reading The Undoing of Saint Silvanus.

This novel was written by Beth Moore, a New York Times Bestselling Author. It was published in 2016. Moore is typically a religious author, but with this story she branches off into a more edgy style of writing.

The main character Jillian Slater has been receiving mysterious calls from Adella Atwater. These calls are regarding her father’s funeral. At first Jillian doesn’t want to attend and neither does her mother, Jade. Against Jade’s wishes she goes to the funeral in Louisiana. Slater feels so uncomfortable with being there because of her witch of a grandmother that she quickly leaves the backwoods town of New Orleans.

Tyndale House Publishers/YouTube

Jillian Slater is from San Francisco, CA. She is currently living with her over-protecting and controlling boyfriend, Vince. Vince gives Jillian no freedom to do anything herself. He insists on handling all of her money and he never lets her go out with him. Recently, Jillians dad, Rafe Fonatine, has been found dead in an alley. Assumed to have died of natural causes, the police didn’t pay this death much attention. I mean who would really care about a homeless man dying right? To their surprise, the police later discovered that this was no natural death. Rafe Fontaine had been murdered, stabbed in the gut.

Miss. Slater had discovered that her “loving” boyfriend has been seeing another waitress behind her back. When stumbling upon this information she flees back to New Orleans, LA with a thousand dollars of Vinces cash. She goes to LA because she knows that Adella is the only “friend” she really has. She used to be best friends with Allie, but they soon split after JIllian left Allie for Vince.

While in New Orleans, Jillian goes through experiences of pain, loss, love, and determination.

The characters in this novel are very believable because you can feel that several emotions move through the characters. You can see this in their dialog and their actions. Unfortunately the plot of the book does move a little slower but it is extremely well developed and worth the read.

The message of the book is too never give up on family. In the grand scheme of things, every main character in the book came through for Jillian even though that she had completely deserted them.

If you enjoy a real page turner, cliff hangers, and a story with a deeper meaning then you should definitely consider reading The Undoing of Saint Silvanus.