Clutch hit propels Devils


File photo

Joe Padula connects with the ball.

Ethan McGee, Sports Editor

A heroic sacrifice fly ball in the bottom of the 7th inning by Joey Padula propelled the Blue Devil baseball team to a 3-2 victory yesterday over Willamsburg.

“It was nice to be able to contribute to the win. I knew with Brendan at third, any ball I put in play would be able to score a run,” said Padula.

Brendan Kowlaski scored the winning run as he collected two hits in the contest. Freshman Travis Luensmann also collected two hits for B-A.

After a slow start for the Blue Devils, trailing through three innings 2-0, starting pitcher Sawyer Kline was able to strike out nine batters on the mound. Kline ultimately took the win, only giving up six hits and no walked batters.

B-A gained its second win of the season hitting the .500 mark early.