FEATURED ALUMNI: Caroline Showalter


Courtesy Photo

Caroline Showalter makes a practice throw during warm ups. She was recently named Mount Aloysius MVP.

Beau Potter, Staff Writer

2016 Bellwood-Antis graduate Caroline Showalter was awarded team MVP for the Mount Aloysius softball team, and she is only a freshman!

“I feel honored and grateful to receive it as a freshman because my hard work paid off,” said Showalter.

I feel honored and grateful to receive it as a freshman.

— Caroline Showalter

As a team, their record was 18-18 on the season. At the conclusion of this season, Caroline touted a .333 batting average, 102 at bats, 13 runs, and 16 RBI’s. She also finished the season with a .985 fielding percentage. With only two errors the entire season, she had a .471 slugging percentage.

Caroline is one of 10 freshman on the young Mounties softball team with only 7 other sophomores and 1 senior.

Caroline’s performance shows that she worked hard for MVP.

“I had the highest batting average, slugging, and fielding percentage for part of the season at the time they chose the recipient of the award,” said Showalter.