Do older students do better in school?


Julianna Norris

Kaitlyn and Leah Farber helped to prove whether or not older students do better in school.

Harley Strunk, Staff Writer

Recently, there have been multiple studies conducted stating that if you start school later you will do better than the kids that started school at an earlier age.  One of these studies was conducted by NPR Radio.

John Ydstie states that “children who start school at an older age do better than their younger classmates and have better odds of attending college and graduating from an elite institution.”

To try and prove this, the BluePrint talked to Kaitlyn and Leah Farber. They are sisters in the 12th and 9th  grade. Their input may confirm that older kids do better in their classes and sports because they are more developed than the younger kids in their school.

I interviewed Kaitlyn and Leah Farber, and they both had their own opinion on how age affects your school performance. Kaitlyn says she is doing fairly well in school and she started kindergarten at 5 years old, Leah says that she is doing fine in school and she started kindergarten at 6 years old.

What’s your name?

Kaitlyn Farber

Leah Farber


What grade are you in?

12 grade

9 grade


How old are you?

17 years old

15 year old


How are you doing in school?

Fairly well



At what age did you start kindergarten?

5 years old

6 years old


Do you feel that starting school at a later age gives you an advantage?


She doesn’t have a opinion on whether it gives you an advantage academically.

No it does not give you the advantage because everyone can have a different thinking level.



Yes because there’s a study done that when you peek early you do better in the sport/act

Yes because olders bones and muscles are stronger because their body’s grow in a quicker paced.