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Kermit Foor runs his own DJ business outside of school.

Mya Decker, Student Contributor

BluePrint News

From a young age Bellwood-Antis senior Kermit always enjoyed listening to music, and that’s what got him stated in the DJ business.

“I got a iPod when I was 10 years old and I had it full of music,” he said. “When I was about 12 when I got my first laptop, I finally had access to music on the internet. I would spend hours listening to music. Now that I had the laptop I could finally change the music on my iPod too.”

Recently, the BluePrint interviewed Kermit about his DJ business, Foor Your Entertainment DJ Service, to shed some light on the cool things he does that don’t directly pertain to school!

As a businessman he communicates with customers, keeps up with paper work, tries to keep an online presence on his Facebook page, @fyedjservice, and he always tries to provide the best experience for his customers whether it be a simple music playlist or a very exciting light show.

Kermit started his DJ career in 2014 and his first gig was a surprise birthday party. He has DJ-ed multiple events since then, including lots of birthday parties, school dances here at Bellwood-Antis and one at Glendale, and a couple of weddings.

Here at Bellwood his first gig was the Sweet Heart dance.

“I was very excited to DJ a school dance, but I also was nervous because I was afraid to mess up in the middle of the gig,” said Kermit.

Kermit said his favorite gig so far was last Winter Lights dance because it was one of his best light shows he’s ever done. He also commented that he enjoys all of his events, but the most stressful ones are the weddings because he has to speak and remember how to pronounce names correctly.

Despite the pressure, it’s a job Kermit said he plans to pursue after he’s done with high school.