Julie Norris

Kaelynn Behrens has accomplished many things as a BluePrint staff member.

Name: Kaelynn Behrens

Age: 16

What do you do for the Blueprint?

For the Blueprint, I do a little bit of everything (taking pictures and writing stories). However, my main responsibility is shooting and editing videos, like documentaries. I’m the Multimedia Editor.

What do you enjoy about Blueprint?

Blueprint is honestly my favorite class. I love that I have the opportunity to better my writing skills and provide information for others to read and enjoy. The feeling of writing and creating something that is your own gives you that sense of accomplishment and joy. I have learned so much about myself through this class and it couldn’t make me more happy.

What’s your best or favorite story that you have done so far?

My all time favorite story, actually video documentary, is “Brandon Bickle’s Big Shot.” It is about an autistic boy, Brandon, starring in his first ever varsity basketball game. I won several awards for it but in the long run, that’s not what really mattered. It was an honor to document this amazing memory for Brandon and his family because its something that he can have forever. Go check it out under my staff profile!

What would you tell a person considering joining the Blueprint?

DO IT! GO AND JOIN RIGHT NOW! There is so much out there that you can learn about yourself within the class. Do you like writing? Do you like photography? Do you like creating videos? Do you like editing? The class is always moving and there are so many opportunities for you to create something that is your own. Mr. Naylor is an amazing leader and he makes the class enjoyable. He can also teach you so many life skills that will help you in the future. If you are considering joining, you have to be willing to work, but it is definitely worth it! 🙂