Four B-A musicians play at Region band


Courtesy photo

Alex Foose, Dominic Tornatore, Alanna Vaglica, and Kaitlyn Farber played last weekend at Region band.

Harley Strunk, Staff Writer

PMEA Region III band had a shaky start, but it ended with a high note for B-A.

Normally the attending band directors delight their students during dinner with a performance. Mr. Sachse didn’t have his solos this year. His solos were cut, Mr. Sachse said with a smile, because he missed rehearsal because two anonymous B-A students forgot to bring dress shoes to the festival.

Bellwood-Antis was represented at the show by senior Kaitlyn Farber, and juniors Dominic Tornatore, Alex Foose and Alanna Vaglica.

Students had the opportunity to perform with students from Somerset to State college to Juniata County.

“The 180 piece group performed some of the hardest music I have seen at band festival,” Mr. Sachse said.

The high point of the festival for Mr. Sachse was the Director’s All-Star Jazz Band.

“Every year, the director’s practice Big Band Jazz Music and perform for the students during the dinnertime,” Mr. Sachse said.

Junior Dominic Tornatore said the quality of the musicians at regionals was impressive, but he believes he could make states next year.

“I have to work a lot harder. The talent of the musicians caught me off guard.”

Mr. Sachse is proud of the student’s hard work.

“I’m looking forward to seeing juniors Dominic Tornatore, Alanna Vaglica, and Alex Foose try for All-State Band next year,” Mr. Sachse Said

He also wants to congratulate senior Kaitlyn Farber for her last festival.