In The Club… With Aevidum


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Aevidum isa club for everyone.

Rebecca Burns, Staff Writer

Aevidum, which means I’ve got your back, was created by students who lost a classmate to suicide. This small movement that started in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania has become a nationwide movement. So, what does Aevidum club do for our school?

Although Aevidum is a mental health awareness organization, recently, the club is focusing on making all students feel like someone has their back. Not only are there many reasons someone would want to join Aevidum, Aevidum sponsors Mini-Thon. The president of Aevidum, Mya Decker, says that “ Aevidum has helped me to have more compassion and helped me to consider others over myself.”

She also encourages you to be involved because it makes high school more enjoyable. She explained that Aevidum members are close friends with each other and are always welcoming to new members. If you are interested, It is never too late to join, there are no requirements, and they meet during activity period 2. And if you have any questions, ask  Mr. Stewart, Mr. McNaul, and Mya Decker.

Next week’s club is French Club, so check and see if French Club is a club that interest you.