B-A Bocce makes history


Bocce States (Mya Decker)

For the first time in history, Bellwood participated in unified bocce. Alivia Jacobs, Brianna Reiter, Cole Poorman, Tyler Long, Brodee Wyland, and Kaylee Kasper all travelled to Northern High School in Dillsburg, Pa today to compete in state playoffs.

When asked how excited he was for tonights bocce games, Cole Poorman smiled and clapped his hands. He was definitely ready to play!

It was an exciting start as 12 teams took the 4 courts! The support from students, coaches, players, and parents for all teams was unbelievable. However, Bellwood’s bocce team still felt the pressure.

“It was stressful but it was good stress, right,” says senior, Kaylee Kasper.

Bellwood started strong against Sun Valley in their first game. Unfortunately, they Sun Valley pulled ahead in the final frame. The final score was Sun Valley 9 to Bellwood 6.

Bellwood wasn’t defeated, they were laser focused. Only one game was standing between them and the sweetest place on earth! The next 30 minutes held a nail biting game between Columbia and Bellwood. The Bellwood-Antis cheerleaders even showed up for this game to cheer on the bocce team! All players had great turns but in the end it wasn’t enough. Columbia won 9 to 1.

Of 12 teams, Bellwood sadly did not make it to state games on Thursday, March 21st. The team was in no way discouraged.

“We had a lot of fun and the free chocolate wasn’t bad either,” says senior Brodee Wyland. Similarly, Tyler Long said “We had a great season and we all worked well together!”

The 2018-2019 B-A bocce team will go down in history. Nothing is as sweet as that.

“After today, I’m feeling good. We had fun and made it Hershey, you can ask for much more. Being a part of the bocce team has been an amazing experience. We’ve grown as a team. Bocce has definitely impacted Bellwood. It was amazing to see the support all season. For other students to care about what we are doing is an incredible feeling. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be on the team,” says senior Alivia Jacobs.

Bocce may not have made it all the way to Hershey. But coaches are super proud of all the team has accomplished.

“This has been an amazing experience and I’m so happy I decided to coach! I think creating the team truly unified all of the students, the school, and community,” says coach Molly Seese In addition to that, coach Brandon Stewart said “I’ve had an absolutely great time teaching this great team. Above all, I’m proud of their willingness to step out and try something new. It’s great to see so many students participate in a discussion and celebration of inclusion.”

Both coaches are excited to see the future of bocce. Mr.Stewart and Mrs.Seese have big plans for coaching in the coming years.

“I love spending time with the team and making memories we will never forget. I have developed special friendships with each of my teammates that have impacted me in so many ways. Bocce has personally taught me the power of teamwork and dedication. It’s also showed methat evem if you aren’t a star athlete, you can be successful, feel included, and have fun as a team,” said senior Brianna Reiter.

The students, the community, and the school are so proud of B-A Bocce and how far they have some since their very first game! They will go down in history!