HOLIDAY-ISH: National hug a newsperson day


Brian Williams is a newsperson deserving of a hug.

I’ve been waiting exactly one year for this day, this special day. Today, April 16, 2019 is national hug a newsperson day.

You might be thinking ‘hug a new person? No way !!!’ Well have no fear, I said NEWSPERSON. Yes, the people that deliver us the… news.

I feel like news people, if you will, are very underappreciated. They are people, just like us. Yeah, sometimes they don’t actually know the weather, but they deserve a good snuggle now and then just like the rest of us.

I think the only way to properly take part in this holiday is to think of your favorite newsperson and go give them a fat embrace to show your appreciation for keeping us informed.

Brian Williams, in my opinion, is the BEST newsperson of our time. I’m sending him a virtual hug.

Brian Williams, you deserve the world my guy.

Let’s rein it in a little bit and talk about our local news heroes. Joe Murgo, thank you for your weather expertise.

Joe Murgo, I’m sending you a virtual hug and I can’t wait for your next Facebook live.