Tune Talk: Top 3 Reasons It’s Easy To Make Fun of Chad Kroeger

Willie Williams, Staff Writer

Since this is my last story before I graduate I decided to take it to a funnier level. Since recently this year I’ve decided to make fun of Nickelback the most of any band that I know, I’ve decided to create a list explaining why it’s so easy to make fun of the lead singer of Nickelback, Chad Kroeger. Thank you all for the support you’ve given me to those who read and appreciated my stories, and thank you to Mr. Naylor who gave me the opportunity to write these stories. Music is my life and it was a privilege writing for the school paper about my musical suggestions and thoughts.

3. His ramen noodle hair
We all remember in the beginning of Nickelback whenever the band was coming out with their only hits, “Rock star,” “Photograph,” and “How You Remind Me,” that Chad Kroeger had his long curly looking ramen noodle hair. There are so many images on Google that make fun of Chad’s hair and it’s just down right hilarious. That and just the fact that Chad actually thought the hair looked cool at the time.

2. His vocals
Although most people actually love Chad Kroeger’s vocals now, a lot of people tend to say that they hated his old raspy sounding voice that he had whenever Nickelback first formed. I can’t say that I liked either voice because as I’ve mentioned before I just like to make fun of literally anything the guy does but I also can’t say that I absolutely hated his old voice. Like, there’s people on the internet commenting on Nickelback’s YouTube videos saying that his old voice made them want to shove knives in their ears.

1. His personal musical thoughts
According to Chad Kroeger, a bunch of bands have been trying to “be like Nickelback.” You might be confused, and I really can’t blame you because I hardly even understand what he was trying to say. In an interview that I caught by a friend who thought it was funny, but my friend showed me that Chad obviously didn’t like a different musician, Corey Taylor. Chad claimed that Corey Taylor’s band, Slipknot, was “trying to be like Nickelback.” How? How in anyways are those two bands alike? He also said that bands like Stone Sour, Shinedown, Seether, and even Creed. Don’t ask me any questions about that, obviously I don’t agree with any of that nonsense. But yeah. That’s Chad for you.