FEATURED ALUMNI: Davis goes pro


Courtesy photo

Nathan Davis, shown with brother Noah, mother Shelly and father Todd, recently wrapped up an outstanding basketball career at Seton Hill.

Zach Miller, Photo Editor

It’s not very often that Bellwood-Antis produces a pro athlete, but 2016 alumni Nathan Davis is an exception.

 Nathan recently signed a pro contract to play for Citybasket Recklinghausen Basketball Club in Germany. Davis, who set the Blair County scoring record starting four seasons at B-A, is not stranger to the spotlight. After high school he went onto Seton Hill University, where he planted his name in school history by being one of the top scorers in school history. This is no surprise though, as Nathan has been a pure bucket producer since the day he started as a freshmen at Bellwood.

Nathan is the first Blue Devil to rise to the professional ranks of a major sport since Ronnie Blazier made it to the MLB in 1989.

Davis finished his senior season at Seton Hill with 501 points, 142 rebounds, and 21 steals, giving him more than 1,700 career points. He graduated in May as the program leader in three-pointers made in a season and a career. Before that, in high school, he filled the stat sheet every single night averaging 21.7 points, 7.9 rebounds, 2.4 steals and 6.1 assists.  Nathan brought home the hardware his senior year at Bellwood with a big win over West Branch to win the District 6 title.

The BluePrint had the opportunity to ask Nathan some questions regarding his new deal.

BluePrint: How did you get the opportunity to play pro ball?

Davis: I was contacted by an agent during last season. We discussed the possibility of playing pro ball and him representing me. I decided to sign with him and from that day on my main focus was to work as hard as I possibly could and he would worry about looking for teams and reaching out to them. I’m still being represented by him and we keep in touch. I signed in early July and couldn’t be more excited

BluePrint: How was the transition over the years from high school to college and now the pros?

Davis: The game gets stronger, quicker, faster and more skilled. Also, experience plays a big part. I can already tell in the first month that I have been here that these guys have been playing the game for a long long time.

BluePrint: Do you believe that you are compensated well for being a pro athlete in Europe?

Davis: The higher up in the league you go the more money you are going to make, just like the NBA guys make more than the guys in the G League. The nice thing is that all the money in the contract is tax free. The plane ticket is paid for, (you are) usually given a car, and food at a local restaurant is usually paid for. So with all of that considered that’s really good compensation.

BluePrint: What are your plans after this stage of pro ball? NBA? Follow your career path?

Davis: My plan is to continue to work hard, keep faith in God’s timing, and play at the highest level that I can!

Nathan’s new team will compete in the western division of the Regionalliga. Best of luck to Nathan Davis on his career in pro basketball, all of Bellwood is rooting for him and hopes to see him on the big stage one day!