FAB FRESHMAN: Olivia Baney


Emalee Strong, Staff Writer

Olivia Baney is this week’s fab freshman! Olivia Baney does virtual for Bellwood-Antis, and as a freshman in high school and not being able to experience all of it hands on, and she’s also a part of the Bellwood-Antis varsity cheerleading team.

BluePrint: What’s your favorite subject? 

Olivia: English is my favorite subject because I enjoy writing. I also like French class.

BluePrint: How’s your first year going in high-school while it is also virtual?

Olivia: For the first two weeks of doing virtual, it was a little difficult. Now, I understand how all of the platforms work and can do my work easily. 

BluePrint: What do you do in your spare time? 

Olivia: In my spare time, I go on bike rides or hang out with my friends. I also like to read books. 

BluePrint: What is your goal for this year? 

Olivia: My goal for this year is to put in effort on the cheer team so we can do well in competitions. 

BluePrint: What is a fun fact about you? 

Olivia: I still have some of my baby teeth.