Bellwood Bios: The Custard Queens


Courtesy photo

Madison Otto, Abbey Snyder, and Ty Mercer work another busy shift at the Meadows in Greenwood.

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Caroline Nagle, Feature Editor

Madison Otto, Sicily Yinging, Abbey Snyder, Madalyn McClosky, and Tyler Mercer all work at the Meadows in Greenwood together and the first thing they would like everyone to know is that the Meadows serves custard and not ice cream!

Madison is not only an employee, but she is also the custard commander and manager at the Meadows. She started working there in September of 2019. She usually works there 3 times a week. A struggle every working student faces is time management, but balancing work and school is not an issue for Madison. Her favorite part about her job is the people she works with. 

Abbey Snyder, Madalyn McCloskey, and Sicily Yingling love working together at the Meadows. (Courtesy photo)

“When I started, I was the only person from Bellwood, which was nice, but I couldn’t relate to any conversations. Now, I enjoy working with them,” Madison explained. 

Sicily started working at the Meadows in mid-May because she wanted a summer job. She works 3-4 days a week and she doesn’t really struggle balancing school and work because she has study halls that she can get her work done in. Her favorite part about her job is working with her friends and boyfriend. 

Sicily explained that “I never dread going to work when I work with Abbey and Madalyn because they are two of my best friends.”

Abbey started working at the Meadows in the first week of June because she wanted a summer job. Like Sicily, Abbey works 3-4 times a week and does the majority of her school work in study hall, so she doesn’t struggle balancing school and work. Abbey’s favorite part about working at the Meadows is working with her friends and interacting with the customers. Abbey never dreads going to work because she works with some of her best friends. 

Madalyn started working at the Meadows at the beginning of the summer because she felt like it would be an easy job and she knew that she would be working with Sicily and Abbey. Madalyn usually works 3-4 times a week and she finds that it is sometimes difficult having to go from school straight to work. Madalyn’s favorite part about working at the meadows is working with her friends and people from other schools. Madalyn also loves working with her best friends!

“I absolutely love working with my best friends. I’m actually excited to go to work, and working with Abbey and Sicily makes my shifts go by faster,” Madalyn explained. 

Ty is the newest Bellwood person to work at the Meadows, and he is also a legacy at the Meadows. His dad worked at the original Greenwood location in high school and that is why he started working there this past June. He works 3-4 times a week. His favorite part about working at the Meadows has been getting to know people from other schools such as Altoona and BG. Before working at the Meadows, Ty never really knew Abbey, Sicily, Madalyn, and Madison; however, he enjoys getting to know them.

The Meadows is known for having a “flavor of the day,” which is a new flavor of custard everyday, so what are the favorites amongst these Meadows workers? Madison’s favorite is raspberry; Sicily’s favorite is butter brickle; Abbey’s favorite is peanut butter with strawberries; Madalyn’s favorite is either blueberry or cotton candy; and Ty’s favorite is s’mores. 

So if you are ever in the Greenwood area, make sure you stop by the Meadows! And remember… It is a custard.