Emalee Strong

Blaine Delozier is a sensational sophomore.

Emalee Strong, Staff Writer

Blaine Delozier is a sophomore at Bellwood-Antis high school and he also attends the Greater Altoona Career Technology Center. Blaine works with his dad on his classic car a Chevy Chevelle, the car is a family car Blaines Pap and his dad worked on the vehicle together and Blaine stepped in after grandfather passed away.

Blueprint: What do you do at CTC?

Blaine: Collision repair and refinishing.

Blueprint: What do you do in your CTC class?

Blaine: Fix and find problems anywhere on a car besides the engine itself.

Blueprint: Why did you get involved in the program?

Blaine: My family has a long history with cars so I guess it’s a family thing plus it’s nice to start earlier.

Blueprint: What sports are you involved in?

Blaine; I play varsity/junior varsity football.

Blueprint: What is your favorite topic and who is your favorite teacher? 

Blaine : Favorite topic is world cultures, Mr. Elder has to be my favorite teacher. 

BluePrint: are you planning on doing anything to the Chevelle soon?

Blaine: Do a lot with the interior and suspension.