National FFA Week celebrated at BA


Caroline Nagle

Joey, Dominic, and Hailey will be given their awards January 9th at the farm show

Emalee Strong, Staff Writer

Last week  Bellwood FFA celebrated National FFA Week and conducted several activities  for the students at Myers elementary school, the  middle school,  and high school. For both elementary and middle school a few members of FFA spoke to them about joining FFA. For the highschool students, they did decorate a mask and the members of FFA will pick a winner and National FFA Week Trivia 

In the elementary school Jojo Caswell, Raelyn Dillen, Autumn Petrilla, Dominic Daughenbaugh, and Joey Whiteford went down and taught the students about FFA, Blueprint was given the opportunity to ask them some questions.

BLUEPRINT: What did you do in elementary school?

Jojo Caswell:  we talked to the kids about FFA and we walked around with them as well. 

BLUEPRINT: How does this affect FFA and do you think kids learned something from this experience? 

Raelyn Dillen: More kids joining once they get older, yes I do think the students learned some. 

BLUEPRINT: What did you guys talk about? 

Autumn Petrilla: What FFA is and the basics of FFA like animals and crops.

BLUEPRINT: What was the purpose of doing this?

Dominic Daughenbaugh: To let them know what FFA is and to get more kids involved when they are older.

BLUEPRINT: How did the kids react?

Joey Whiteford: They were very excited to talk and see us.

BLUEPRINT: Did the kids enjoy it?

Jojo Caswell: yes

The middle school students at FFA had these students that attended during their lunch and talked about FFA: Aaron Laird, Crisinda Miller, Cooper Keen, and Jacob Kennedy. 

Blueprint: How does this affect the FFA membership?

Jacob Kennedy: They barely knew about us and also the club itself since we are barely seen. 

Blueprint: What did you talk to them about?

Crisinda Miller: We talked to them about our upcoming events, our fundraisers, and ways we can help the community.

Blueprint: Do you think the students learn more about FFA from doing this?

Cooper Keen: It’s definitely the best way to reach them. Normally we have a lot more opportunities through our regular activities but with this year it has been difficult. 

Blueprint: What do you think you take away from this experience? What do you think the middle school students took away from this experience?

Aaron Laird: I took away that it is important to take time to discuss with others about FFA and helping other students to learn more about FFA. The students took away the idea of joining FFA, hopefully. 

Blueprint: Do you think COVID affected this learning experience?

Cooper Keen: Yes, we had to set up in a different area than normal so we got a lot less attention from the students than we would have hoped. 

Aaron Laird: Absolutely, not many students came up and talked to us or even asked us questions. 

Jacob Kennedy: Yes, because it was harder for us to get the students involved with FFA since we were in a different area.

Crisinda Miller: Yes, because we haven’t done a lot of events that normally show people that we do things and we contribute to society but we have been really restricted in what we can do. 

For the high school students, Trishelle Mclean won the decoration of a mask of an FFA theme and she won a FFA t-shirt and a $10 sheetz gift card. For the National FFA Week Trivia, Hunter Shawley won a $10 sheetz gift card. The question was “Which 2020 NFL starting quarterback was an FFA member?”Kamryn Bolden also won a $10 sheetz gift card. The question was “In the USA, on average, how many pounds of strawberries can be produced on 1 acre of land?”Haley Campell also won a $10 

sheetz gift card the question was “On any day, 1 in……… Americans will eat pizza?”, and Crisinda Miller also got a $10 sheetz gift card. The question was “What was the first agronomic crop grown in outer space?”