Just Junior: Caden Noel


Haley Campbell & Caroline Nagle

Nothing is stopping junior Caden Noel!

Haley Campbell and Caroline Nagle

Junior year is usually considered one of the toughest school years, but one student is making big strides. Junior Caden Noel has been loving junior year even saying, “it’s good, lol.”

Noel has been taking his academics very seriously, and enjoyed playing basketball this season. When asked what Caden does in his down time he said, “playing basketball, hanging out with my friends, and thinkin’ about you.”

However, not everything has been easy for Noel. Recently Noel left his cellular device in the school parking lot. Unsurprisingly, this led to the destruction of his phone. “It was difficult not being able to text my buddy Sean.” said Caden.

Sean Mallon is one of Caden’s best friends. “Caden is a cool guy! Lol.” said Sean.

Caden has been described by his friends as cute, awesome, and “good boyfriend material”.

One of Caden’s good friends, Zach Amato, had only nice things to say about Caden. “Caden is a great friend and he is always enjoyable to be around.” said Zach.

We are so happy to hear that Caden is having a great year, and we wish him the best of luck for his senior year.