Inclusion Club hosts minute-to-win-it


Emalee Strong

Cup stacking was a fun game to play at last week’s minute to win it contest held by the Inclusion Club.

Rorie Wolf, Staff Writer

Last Wednesday before spring break, Inclusion Club hosted its first event to promote the Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign.

Members of the club  went to each homeroom and had students participate in four different games as a fun activity before Easter break.

However each homeroom event began with important videos, where students were able to watch and gain a better understanding of why the word “retard” should be replaced with respect.

This event included all of the student body and made sure everyone was included in the event.

The leader of Inclusion Club, Mrs. Leah McNaul, was very pleased with the turnout and although we weren’t able to have the activity as an assembly due to COVID,  the event as a whole turned out well and it was an enjoyable event to kick off spring break.

One of the videos students watched is below.

Afterwards kids played games that ranged from cup stacking to pin-point rubber band shooting to transferring Cheerios from bowl to bowl using only chopsticks.

There’s going to be more events coming up soon so stay tuned ladies and gentlemen.