Holiday-ish national take Christmas tree down


Today is the day to trash that tree!

After the excitement and joy of Christmas, January 6 is the perfect time to end the season.

One way to mark the time is by taking down that Christmas tree you spent so much time decorating back in December and November.

Some Christmas trees are real and some are fake and you can pack them up in their boxes. January 6 is the day to wrap it up till the next Christmas, the day to clean up the tree pines and get the house back to normal. January 6 is also the perfect day because it is a 12 day span of Christmas and the new year.

Some people keep their tree up all year long and some take theirs down right after Christmas, but January 6 is the day to remove that tree.

It can be a sad time as the nostalgia of the holiday season wears off, but there are plenty of holidays coming up, like Valentine’s Day, and before you know it you’ll be heading back out to find another Christmas tree.