HOLIDAY-ISH: National step in a puddle and splash a friend day


If you can find one that isn’t frozen, today is the day to get out and step in a puddle.

If you are a rain lover, a child, or a child a heart then you should definitely not miss out on this day to have fun in the mud.

Today is national step in a puddle and splash a friend day. Considering it was 14 degrees outside when students woke up this morning, finding a puddle to splash in may be difficult, but the spirit of the day remains the same.

The origin of the holiday can not be traced, although it had been mentioned on a Usenet forum as early as 1998. The holiday came to the public when it was mentioned in a children’s book, making it a day for parents and children to mark. It remains as one of the favorite holidays to kids.

It is a holiday perfect for the rainy season. National step in a puddle and splash a friend helps enhance social skills, because it is not a holiday to go solo. Since it involves water, which aid’s children’s development, this holiday is good for kids mental health. Playing in water helps children enhance motor skills and  coordination with children.

Our parents or grandparents may have told kids not to go outside in the wet and rain, but they went out anyway and got all muddy.

Well this is your day to go outside and get muddy – or snowy, or frozen.