Holiday-ish: national make a friend day


Today is the day to get out and make new friends.

Make a special effort on February 11th to meet someone new.

Everyone needs a person that could be there with you through the bad and the good, someone the you can have a good laugh with or you could go cry on their shoulder.  Meeting new people is always a challenge these day, because you do not know who you can trust. Well put yourself out there and meet that new person.

Here are some places you could meet new people

  • School
  • The park
  • Social media
  • The mall
  • Ice skating
  • The store
  • Roller skating
  • Church

Here are ways you can stop your social anxiety and meet new people

  • Play it the safe way and let them come to you
  • Be assertive and jump right into it
  • Meet a person that has a group of friends
  • Add random people off of social media
  • put yourself out there
  • Don’t be shy