HOLIDAY-ISH: No Excuses day

No excuses, fun memories.

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No excuses, fun memories.

Don’t you hate when you’re always making up excuses to avoid having fun? Well you’re in luck! Today is No Excuses Day, when nothing will cross between you and your decisions. This day was originated by a Canadian Organization “SCENE,” which noticed that recently everyone is so stuck to following rules that they can’t enjoy their time.

Still, some rules were made for today, and they are simple: making commitments to make more memories with your favorite people. For example, are you ever in a situation where you’re always stopped by your mind going, “but”, “what if”, “I can’t”? Those excuses are just letting you avoid memories you could end up telling your grandkids about!

Obviously, this day can be followed by some consequences to the ‘No excuses rule’; we can’t let ourselves have too much freedom (or can we..?). This is where those excuses do come into hand, like you can’t just eat your goldfish and say to your parents, “Oh no, don’t worry. Today is just no excuses day. No worries!” because that will obviously not work out. What we can do is do fun activities with friends, or book a flight to your dream place!

Today is filled with memories to remember. Enjoy today with experiences you’ve always dreamed of!