SUPER SENIOR: Poojan Patel


Collin Matthews

Poojan Patel is an honors student with an interest in computers.

Caleb Beiswenger, Staff Writer

Poojan Patel is a senior at Bellwood-Antis who has been going to Bellwood-Antis since kindergarten.

Poojan is an honors student and has taken many honors and CHS classes throughout high school. In the psring he does track and field, where he participated in the throwing events. He is also in the Avedium and Chess club

Poojan plans on attending Penn State University Park or Purdue University for Computer science. Some other schools he is interested in are Pitt, Drexel, and Florida Tech.

In his free time, Poojan likes to play video games, hang out with friends, and watch sports and movies. 

Along with his CHS classes, he also has a technology internship where he helps the tech staff throughout the day.