B-A singers work with master vocalist


Bailee Conway

B-A senior Jason Pluebell receives instruction from Bonnie Bridget Cutsforth-Huber during a masterclass held at the school.

Jase Hostler and Kimberly Bennett

Today, the Bellwood-Antis choral class was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity of a master class.

Penn State professor Bonnie Bridget Cutsforth-Huber was the instructor offering the class. The students performed for her and then were given feedback on how well they performed.

Mrs. Cutsforth-Huber has been to Bellwood-Antis two times before this to teach students techniques to better their voice. 

Students who performed for Mrs. Cursforth-Huber included Jocelyn McGuire, Annie LeGrand, Trinity Riva, Julia Burns, Carter Rettig, Jacob Caracciolo, Daman Mills, and Avery Turek. In addition, Avery Turek and Daman Mills are students of Mrs. Cutsforth-Huber’s private lessons.

The rest of Ms. Beth Hull’s music students were able to view the lessons as members of the audience as another way of absorbing Mrs. Cutsforth-Huber’s invaluable insight.

Students performed a piece that they selected and practiced, and received feedback on their voice, for example, to expand their notes and to widen their range to make high notes sound better.

Mrs. Cutsforth-Huber was a pleasure to have at Bellwood-Antis and a great learning opportunity.