Ultimate guide to Musical Torture


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Weezer is known as one of the worst bands of all time

Jacob Mercer, Staff Writer

When music is discussed it is typically in the format of what are the best songs. Frequently songs like, Imagine by John Lennon, All Along The Watchtower by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen are brought up when you think about the best songs of all time.

But, something that needs to be brought into light are some of the worst songs of all time, songs that are so bad it will make you change the radio to the static station, songs so bad you close out the Spotify app. Although there are only a few that come to mind, people need to be made aware of these horrible songs so no one will be at risk of ever listening to them.

5. Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit

Break Stuff  is not only one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard, but it also caused one of the biggest dangers in concert history. Although the festival itself is largely to blame for it, Limp Bizkit debuted this song at the second attempt at Woodstock in 1999 and it caused a wild outbreak and mosh pit. This song is known as the turning point in the festival where it all went downhill, resulting in three people dying. It is still unsure if the deaths were related to the mosh pit or if it was self inflicted so they didn’t have to listen to another second of this song again.

4. Yellow Submarine – The Beatles

I remember the first time I had heard this in music class when I was younger and I thought it was a joke. Knowing how legendary The Beatles were and the level of music they made, it was very disappointing. Although it was meant to entertain a stoner crowd because it was a song about a new drug at the time, it was most appealing to children, and more interestingly and a little less surprising, Bob Marley.

3. The Final Countdown – Europe

Although this definitely isn’t the worst song on this list so far, just the sheer amount of times I’ve heard it played ruins it for me. It seems like every sporting event that you go to, this song is played in the final seconds of the game.  The Final Countdown is the epitome of generic 80s music and it doesn’t get much worse.

2. Buddy Holly –  Weezer

Weezer in general is a joke, only putting out one decent song which was Island in The Sun. The parody albums and songs but expecting people to take them seriously.  They copied albums like Van Weezer, from Van Halen, OK Human, from Radiohead, and Black Album, from Metallica. Although it seems like it would be a nice song dedicated to the late and legendary rock singer, Buddy Holly, it was just about the lead singer’s girlfriend that his friends made fun of. It was so bad that the band members were hesitant to even put it on the album.

1. No Easy Way Out – Robert Tepper

This song was first released for the movie, Rocky IV, which in the scene, included the main character, Rocky Balboa, driving into the night have dramatic flashbacks to his old life. This song is bad for the same reasons as The Final Countdown: it is one of the most tacky and generic songs I have ever heard. But, it is somehow worse than The Final Countdown. There are no catchy parts to it or something that you can at least sing along to, its just 4 minutes and 20 seconds of a painful and annoying 80s song.