FAB FRESHMEN: Logan Ridgeway


Julia Johnson

Logan Ridgway has had a solid sports career as a freshman.

This weeks Fab Freshman is star athlete Logan Ridgway.

Logan is involved with football and track and field.  Some of his goals for the upcoming sports seasons are to win districts and start in football.

Outside of school, when Logan isn’t doing sports, he is bettering his football skills with VOLT. Logan also likes to hang out with friends and play video games.

Logan says that his favorite part of high school is “walking into homeroom and seeing Mr. McNaul and Mr. Steines.” Logan’s least favorite part of school is when “Mr. Steines isn’t in school.”

One goal Logan has for the rest of his high school career is to stop doing his math homework in homeroom.

Congratulations Logan on being named this week’s Fab Freshman.