French Club hosts “Restaurant Français”


Courtesy Photo

The French Club received praise from their guests.

On Thursday, Mr. Timothy Van Scoyoc and his French Club hosted their annual French Dinner.

Every spring since 2006, the French Club has prepared and served a French themed dinner for the community, with all proceeds going towards the French Club.

Mr. Van Scoyoc, French Club advisor,  and the French Club students are responsible for cooking and preparing all of the food for everyone. Students in the club stayed after school this week in the home ec. room to help prepare for the big dinner, with students  caramelizing onions, chopping asparagus, or whipping mousse.

The menu this year included:

  • Soupe à l’oignon (onion soup) or Créme d’argenteuil (cream of asparagus soup)
  • Salade aux betteraves (beet salad)
  • Poulet normand (chicken in cream and cider) or Quiche savoyarde (cheese and bacon quiche)
  • Tian Provençal (zucchini and tomato bake)
  • Mousse au chocalat blanc (white chocolate mousse) or Fondant au chocolat (melted chocolate cake) or Crêpe aux fruits (fresh fruit crepe)

Mr. Van Scoyoc believes the dinner went well.

“We had a hardworking crew and our guests seemed to enjoy the meal,” he said. “Despite the increase in food costs, we still made a decent profit for the club.”

Junior Olivia Baney, French Club treasurer, also believes the French dinner was a great success.

“Mr. Van was happy with the turnout and we received amazing feedback on the food,” she exclaimed. “ I love participating in the French dinner.”

This is a great way for the French Club students to learn more about France’s culture and food while being able to spread that culture within the community.

Congratulations French Club on the successful dinner!