Mr. Crowell winding down his B-A career


Mr. Crowell inspects the work of senior Hunter Foor. (Julia Johnson)

Thirty-five years ago, a recent college graduate from the California University of PA applied for a job at Bellwood-Antis. 

Almost four decades later, that same man, William Crowell, plans to retire at the end of this year.

Mr. Crowell has made an impact on many students and athletes during his 35 years here at Bellwood.

As a teacher, Mr. Crowell teaches both Industrial Arts and Drivers Ed. It is in Industrial Arts where he instructs students in woodworking and metalworking skills throughout high school. For Drivers Ed. he instructs students on driving skills and techniques.

Outside of school, Mr. Crowell has been a long-time a coach for the Bellwood-Antis football team, where he has been a coach for the defensive linebackers. Mr. Crowell was on the staff to secure many ICC and District championships over his time here at B-A.

Although Mr. Crowell will not be coaching the team by attending every practice after he retires, he plans to stick around and be an analyst/consultant for the team.

Senior Eli Pluebell, who has been a competitive football player for almost 10 years, most of which have been here at Bellwood, had a few things to say about Mr. Crowell.

“I’ve had Mr. Crowell for three years now, and I’ll never forget the memories I made with him, from messing something up and getting yelled at to locking my friends in the dark room,” Pluebell said. “Having Mr. Crowell as my teacher and football coach was truly an honor. I am honored to be one of his last students.”

Mr. Crowell has been an impactful teacher because he teaches students valuable life skills and and helps them make everlasting memories as well. Not only has Mr. Crowell made an amazing teacher, but he has made an even better role model for students.

Senior Gaven Ridgway, who was the quarterback for the Bellwood-Antis football team and a student of Mr. Crowell, echoed Pluebell’s comments.

“They don’t make men like Mr. Crowell anymore,” he said. “I’m honored to have played football for Coach Crowell. He’ll never be forgotten.”

In his off time, Mr. Crowell plans to spend more time with his family and friends. He also wants to do more traveling and devote more time to some of his many hobbies.

He is, by far, the best woodworking craftsman I have ever seen. Mr. Crowell is a good friend, and an excellent teacher, and he will definitely be missed next year.

— Mr. Mackereth

Mr. Mackereth and Mr. Crowell have been sharing the same space for the past 35 years, using valuable team teaching strategies to help teach students. ABeing so close has also allowed allowed for assistance in completing a task or repairing any equipment.

“He is, by far, the best woodworking craftsman I have ever seen. Mr. Crowell is a good friend, and an excellent teacher, and he will definitely be missed next year,” Mr. Mackereth said.

Whether talking about an important football victory or talking about various hunting and fishing adventures, Mr. Mackereth and Mr. Crowell have made a great team and friendship in the past 35 years. It’s the same with every other teacher at B-A who has had the fortune to work with Mr. Crowell.

We want to wish Mr. Crowell a happy and wonderful retirement and hope he comes back to visit us at Bellwood Antis.