Holiday-ish: Cinco de Mayo


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Spanish classes at B-A celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a variety of ways, as do many places around the world.

Cinco de Mayo, or Fifth of May, is known for festive celebrations, tacos, drinks, etc. but what is the purpose behind Cinco de Mayo? Take a hint that the United States couldn’t exist without today.

The annual celebration is the anniversary of Mexico’s success against the Second French Empire in the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. Significantly this battle can’t just be forgotten because of the way it symbolizes a victory that a few several troops had conquered knowing they put their life at risk for others.

Cinco de Mayo can be mislead as Mexico’s Independence Day but the celebration of Mexico is on September 16th. Think of Cinco de Mayo as an international holiday just like if Americans were celebrating Memorial Day, except this is culturally revolved around Mexico’s pride.

Over the years a way of capitalism, or marketing, had struck when brewery’s began using the holiday as a way to catch the customers eye. Don’t get me wrong it’s one thing to celebrate, but taking away the main background of your name brand drinks is unnecessary for your way to ‘appeal’ the consumers taste.

Endless remembrance and appreciation fills Puebla and the United States. Cinco de Mayo is more then festive parties and food, in that case as you enjoy all the chips and salsa remember that there’s more to this holiday.